Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bessie Bergeron (B.B.) Hernandez

I just returned from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I payed my final respects to my wife's grandmother, B.B. B.B. was born 103 years ago on October 3, 1904 in Erwinville, Louisiana. March 2, 2008 was her last day on earth.

The photo at right was taken when my wife presented a landscape quilt to B.B. for her 100th birthday. The quilt depicts B.B. childhood home. You can see more about the quilt at

What I remember most about B.B. was her feistiness. She wasn't going to put up with anything from anybody, but she was also one of the sweetest persons I ever knew. She would sit for hours so as not to disturb the cat in her lap.

B.B. also had a penchant for cookies and every year we would buy her a few cases of girl scout cookies which she would stash in her closet. We tried telling her that, at 102 years of age, it was O.K. to eat cookies whenever and wherever she wanted. But, B.B. being B.B., would hide in her closet eating away as if she had some forbidden treat and didn't want to get caught.

B.B. was born in another time, when manners still mattered and gentlemen and ladies were still gentlemen and ladies. B.B. is survived by three daughters, fourteen grandchildren, twenty-one great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter.

Vaya con Dios, B.B.

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