Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back In The World

I'm back, well almost. I've been in Arizona the past few weeks and in Utah the past week or so at Lake Powell. Lake Powell is a fantastic place and one of the best things about it is the complete lack of phone, radio, internet and any other form of communication. We, meaning 12 family members, spent the week on a houseboat in close quarters enjoying a lot of nothing-time. The scenic, peaceful setting is nothing short of amazing.

This was my second time on Lake Powell and I'm still awed by the scenery

I've come back to also deliver some news. I'm moving. Actually, my blog is moving. I'll be writing over at InfoWorld under OpenSources - here's the announcement.

I wrote a few blogs while I was gone and need to upload them, mostly about transparency, intellectual property/puffery and honesty in business models.

I'll be getting back to California tomorrow and will have a chance to start catching up, re-relaxing and getting my land-legs back.

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Jamie Welsh said...

Wonderful photos! Looking forward to your new blog site.