Monday, May 7, 2007

Phone Tree Magic...

I hate phone trees when I know that I need to speak with a service rep. I've seen some publications on the magic keys to press when you want to speak to a live person but I thought my own experience with MCI was classic. I had already heard the list of options available and none of them fit my situation so I began the automated voice prompting:

Me: Agent
MCI computer: Sorry that is not a valid choice
Me: Operator
MCI computer: Sorry that is not a valid choice
Me: I want to speak with a F*&#()G person
MCI computer: Please wait while we connect you with the next available agent

So, did I just reach their limit of wrong answers or did I stumble upon the "oooh, he's ticked let's connect him with a person" magic code?

Once again, we see that companies have completely lost touch with service to their customers, probably in the name of some supposed profit justification. It only took four calls, multiple visits to their web-site and untold frustrations to simply pay my bill. Good thing I was trying to give them money, I'd hate to see what it would take to get a refund from them.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog...dont ever stop!

The leader of the fan club

Stephanie J. said...

I've been on the phone with an insurance company for the past 20 minutes. After a similar procedure to the one you tried and 10 minutes on hold I got to an actual person.
Them: My department doesn't handle that group's policy, let me transfer you to the department who does.
Me: Ok, can I get their number so next time I can just call them directly?
Them: Uhhh..I don't have that number, let me just transfer you.
Me: Wait, but...
Random recording over elevator muzak: Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line.
Me: ::beats head on desk::