Thursday, February 22, 2007

Next Leg...

I've had a lot of golf here in Scottsdale. Mostly I played the TPC Stadium course, I got out to the Troon North Monument course once and I had the tremendous pleasure of playing the Chiricahua course at Desert Mountain.

I was disappointed with the Troon North course only because of its steep price compared to the TPC course, but the experiences at all of them were great. I've had 10 days of golf over the last 11 days and my new swing is starting to become more a part of me.

If you love golf you'll love Scottsdale because of the huge number of courses available. The desert is stunningly beautiful and the saguaro cacti are infinitely interesting.

We're driving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana tomorrow to visit family and get a little more golf in. Driving across this country is a lot of fun and tremendously relaxing. By the time I get back home I'll be well rested and hope to have my game back under control.

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