Monday, June 15, 2009

Newest Family Member

This is Buddy, the newest member of our family. Buddy is a rescued foundling.

Wendy's brother, Jim, owns a tree farm near the Louisiana-Mississippi border which he visits every week or so. On one visit back in December he heard barking as he got out of his truck.

When he investigated he found this dog, about 1/2 its current size, living under the house in a hole he dug and had filled with leaves. He also found a deer carcass that had been dragged from the woods which was serving as this miscreant's food source.

In January, on a visit to Louisiana, Wendy and I met this dog and felt that we could give it a new home. He has traveled quite extensively with Wendy and me across country and back and forth from California to Arizona to Louisiana.

Contrary to the photo shown here he is actually quite well behaved. We ignored the advice of family and friends to name him "Lucky Bastard" and went with the run-of-the-mill, Buddy.


Jamie Watson said...

I'm so glad I checked in to see if there was any news! Buddy looks like a great dog. Congratulations. (-: Does Sammy like him? Happy summer to you and Wendy!

Dave Dargo said...

Sammy doesn't like anyone or anything other than Wendy. He's a bit of a curmudgeon and enjoys his role to the fullest.