Saturday, April 28, 2007

More customer service...

This time with a bank. I have a document from my bank in front of me with an incorrect address for me.

Being the helpful soul that I try to be, I call the bank's service number and try to help them with their data accuracy. Their response was interesting, after answering many questions to prove who I am, they tell me that they will need the request in writing because the account is less than a year old.

I'm just flabbergasted. If I want to steal my own identity I'd happily send them a document in writing. The issue is that their data-input person typed the wrong address and I'm being asked to write them a letter to help correct it.

Brilliantly, I reply, "You already have it in writing. The original form I filled out and signed has the correct address on it, look it up and correct your problem."

I'm often met with silence when I engage others in conversation. I'm used to it and have become quite comfortable with silence. I don't feel compelled to fill the room with words just because no-one can think of something to say.

This silence went on for a while, though, and I was wondering if I had been disconnected. But I held on and waited.

Finally, the customer service rep came back and said, "Yes, we'll need that in writing. Just write a letter telling us the correct information and we'll correct it."

We repeated this exchange the obligatory three times before he either gave up or actually realized what I was saying. He corrected the address in their system and now everyone's happy.

Customer service, sheesh, that means service to the customer, not from.

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